I see life as a work of art. Everything in your life is an opportunity to create something that you love! Art is about being present during the journey, awakening all your senses, feeling alive, giving yourself permission to be messy, exploring the unknown, taking chances, experimenting with new techniques, making something beautiful of your mistakes, listening to your intuition, following your joy, being open to the evolution and transformation, not being attached, loving the imperfections, embracing the dark and the light, opening up to magic, being kind to yourself along the way, expressing your truest self, and taking brave action! But here’s the thing. There is nothing perfect about art!

I am a Transformational Life Coach and my goal is to help more people embrace their imperfection, be more compassionate with themselves, and transform their mindset to empower them in creating the kind of life they truly desire! Life is your canvas so what do you want to create? You can start right now!


NOW is the best time to start living the life you always imagined!



In one epic day, every women will have many opportunities to get real, learn, grow, transform, build lasting relationships, and share a once in a lifetime experience that’s all around Being More U!

I’m honored to be one of the Guest Speakers and hope you’ll join me on Saturday, January 18th 8:00 am- 5 pm!

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There are just some people who “get it” as a life coach. Angie has this incredible talent to break open your box and unfold your true nature in a beautiful and elegant way. I LOVE working with her so much. The improvements to my life and business have been phenomenal. She has no hesitation to ask the deeper or difficult questions and with 100% acceptance, respect, gentleness and immense skill in directing the path of the healing conversation. I’ve worked with a lot of healers and coaches and Angie is simply one of the best.
~ Beth Siragusa, Pure Essentials Light Center

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