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Envision what it would be like if you believed in yourself, embraced all positive and negative aspects of your being, and truly loved all of who you are. Feel what it would be like to be your own best friend, your biggest cheerleader, and to have your own back. What could be possible if you were clear about who you were, what you truly desired, why it all mattered, and what your purpose is in this world. Imagine feeling courageous enough to be with your emotions, overcome your fears, and believe you were powerful enough to manifest your wildest dreams? Imagine being your best self! Imagine feeling alive! What would be possible if you were being more YOU?

I am a Transformational Life Coach and my goal is to help more people understand that the relationship they have with their mind and themselves is the key to changing their world. I want people to see that their life is their biggest work of art! I offer you deep listening, empathy, compassion, powerful questions, introspective tools, physical practices, and a safe place to support your journey towards a happier more fulfilling life. I am here to help bring awareness to the voice in your mind and transform the relationship you have with yourself so that you can create the life you desire!

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There are just some people who “get it” as a life coach. Angie has this incredible talent to break open your box and unfold your true nature in a beautiful and elegant way. I LOVE working with her so much. The improvements to my life and business have been phenomenal. She has no hesitation to ask the deeper or difficult questions and with 100% acceptance, respect, gentleness and immense skill in directing the path of the healing conversation. I’ve worked with a lot of healers and coaches and Angie is simply one of the best.
~ Beth Siragusa, Pure Essentials Light Center

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