The best investment you can make is in yourself.

You are always worth it!

I am in love with creating beautiful and intentional spaces for people to come together to connect, play, go deep, and enjoy a sense of community! I offer different kinds of classes, workshops, and retreats throughout the year. I sometimes use art as my main tool, sometimes it’s meditation and group discussion, or sometimes it’s self love practices and group coaching. Check back here every month to see what’s new and/or sign up for my newsletter so you can get the latest updates.

Dia De Los Muertos Skull Paintings


Join us for a beautiful day of remembrance and joy! I will be leading a Skull Painting activity at my table all afternoon so come in and join me! For adults and children. $10 a person covers all the supplies you’ll be using to create.

This is a family friendly free event with music and dance featuring Grupo Folklorico Guadalajara and our favorite Westgate elementary kids. Bring the kids for arts and crafts including face painting and sugar skull decorating. Come help decorate our community altar. Our favorite food truck Dojo togo will be available for the best chino latino cuisine!

Saturday, November 2nd

12-4:00 pm

Free family event. Painting project is $10

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Finding Light in the Dark

ShadowWorkshop2-IG Stories.jpg

In this workshop we'll do teachings, guided meditations, and journal practices to understand and work with our shadows in order to see their gifts, extend them compassion, and integrate them into our being. Shadow aspects are the parts that we often reject, repress, or hide because we don't believe they're acceptable. We'll end the afternoon by capturing a meaningful portrait of one of your shadow aspects so you can have a visual reminder to help you learn to embrace this part of you.

Embracing your shadows will support you in showing up brighter, lighter, and more authentically you. When we dim aspects of ourselves, we dim our chances for experiencing true joy and self love. When we feel more whole we experience more joy, self love, mindfulness, better relationships, and better health.

Who is this for?
* Anybody who struggles to fully embrace and love aspects of themselves whether it's their emotions, their behavior, their body, their personality, etc.
* Anybody who is struggling showing up true and authentically out of fear of judgement.

How many seats are available?
* We are reserving only 6 seats as we want to create as much safety and intimacy while doing this work.

What will you get out of this experience?
* Tools for Introspection
* Practice in guided meditation and journaling with powerful questions.
* Embracing an aspect of yourself that you've hidden, repressed, shamed, or rejected.
* A feeling of empowerment in how you can continue your journey towards wholeness and more self love.
* You'll stand a little bit taller, brighter, and more authentically you in the world.
* A shared experience in community with a small group in embracing our shadows.

2 day workshop

Saturday, November 9th 10am-1:30 pm and November 16th 10am-12 pm

Cost $199

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Location: Judy Lee Photography Studio, Seattle

Soul Collage Cards


Create a deck of your very own personal soul collage cards that you can use to help support you during life's challenges and transitions!

Soul collaging is an artistic and intuitive process in which one creates a deck of cards that have deep personal meaning to help you during moments of life's challenges, crossroads, challenges, or transitions.

Angie will start the class with a guided meditation to connect with your intuition and higher knowing. She'll then provide instruction as to how to create your very own unique set of 6-8 cards.

Come join us for an evening of self connection, introspection, community, play, friends, music, and art!

We love welcoming new people into our space so know you'll be warmly included. Feel free to invite a friend.

Cost includes cards, magazines, scissors, glue, watercolors, and paint pens. We'll also provide kombucha, tea, and water.

Womxns only event.

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Friday, November 22nd, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Judy Lee Photography Studio, Ballard Neighborhood of Seattle

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BLackout poetry

Intuitive art Poetry

This event is for all genders and children over the age of 8.

Blackout poetry is an intuitive process of reading through a book page, circling the powerful words that has meaning and significance to you, and then blacking out the rest. For all of those who didn't think they could be a poet, you might leave this class feeling like a Maya Angelou or Edgar Allen Poe!

This is a fun, playful, and creative activity that involves trusting your intuition, exploring, and experimenting. You'll also have opportunities to turn your poetry into a piece of art by adding color, symbols, and/or drawings to the page. There's NO wrong way to do it!

This class includes a glass of wine, all the markers, paints, canvases, lots of book pages to pick from, socialization, and playful poetry creating!


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Mandala or Zentangle Pumpkin Painting


Get into the season and go into October with a beautiful painted pumpkin! I will spend some time talking about mandalas, their history, and how to create your very own unique design! I will also give a brief teaching about Zentangles. You’ll then have the option to whichever styles of drawing you’d like to do on your pumpkin.

Costs cover 1 medium sized white pumpkins, oil based paint pens, acrylic paint, brushes, and dotting tools. We’ll also provide kombucha, tea, sparkling water, and water.

Each participant will get 1 pumpkin and about 1.5 hours to draw and paint on their pumpkins. Everybody will go home with a box to carry their pumpkin home in.

Cost $35

Interested in hosting your own class? Hostesses get to do the class for free. Minimum 5 guests. Message me at


Scribble Zentangle Class


Art helps make the unconscious conscious and bring awareness to patterns of thoughts that are no longer serving us. We may even discover parts of ourselves that we have been repressing or rejecting. As a facilitator of this process, I help support you when moments come up that create discomfort, fear, or resistance.

Once we bring more light to the unconscious thoughts, I will show you how to transform these beliefs into something that empowers us and allows us to move towards creating the life we desire. Through art, we are given a safe opportunity to experiment with a new mindset and attitude and see what happens when we try something different. We can then take these insights into other parts of our lives and create change where its needed.

What you will get out of this:
* Practice in what it means to follow your intuition.
* An opportunity to try a new meditative practice.
* Teachings about our unconscious and the power it has in our life.
* Insight and awareness to your inner thoughts, stories, and beliefs.
* Liberation from having to do everything perfect or within a box.
* Childlike play, experimentation, and exploration.
* Mental, physical, and emotional stretching and growth.
* Tools to take home with you to help transform the thoughts, beliefs, and habits that no longer serve you.

Friday, May 31st, 10 am - 12 pm

InSpark Coworking Space in Lynnwood


The Art of Creating Your Life

Intuitive Painting


Do you find yourself feeling stuck and unable to take action, confused about an issue, comparing yourself with others, afraid of being messy, needing to know how things are going to end, and/or unable to manifest the things you want in your life?  What if you were able to see, through a playful experience of painting, that the unconscious thoughts running in the background of your mind are manifesting the life you are currently seeing and experiencing? 

In this class, we will use painting as a tool for practicing mindfulness, trusting our gut, finding joy in the journey, letting go of attachments, and seeing how our stories and fears hold us back from creating the life we desire. No art skills or experience necessary!  We'll end with some writing practices to help you take some of those thoughts that no longer serve you and transform them into new beliefs that will empower you for the rest of your life. For men and women!

Friday, July 26th, 10 am -12 pm

Inspark Coworking in Lynnwood


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