My inner world creates my outer world.

~ T. Harv Eker

Hello! My name is Angie

I’m a life coach.

I’m helping women change the relationship they have with themselves and their mind so that they can see the unlimited possibilities and opportunities that lie before them. Let me tell you why I believe this matters by sharing my story….

I grew up in a small town surrounded by well intentioned friends and family who wanted to see me thrive, excel, and do good in the world.


They told me what I should and shouldn’t do, what was right and wrong, and what was to be feared and to be loved. When I was younger, I used to dream about the kind of life I wanted to create and live and I believed it was possible! However, by the age of 21 I was filled with more doubt and fear than hope and possibility. I struggled daily with the thoughts in my mind that constantly challenged, questioned, and judged my every dream, desire, and the person I believed I could be. So I began my quest to learn who I really was underneath years of conditioning, what was my truth, how to experience more joy and happiness, how to feel more whole, and to discover what I was really capable of creating in this life.


It wasn’t until I experienced a case of Adrenal Fatigue several years ago that I was truly invited to have a serious look at the relationship I had to myself and my mind. Adrenal Fatigue brought me to my rock bottom. Sick, depressed, anxious, and totally exhausted, I remember asking myself, “How could this have happened? Why is my body failing me? What have I done to create this?” The answer that came back from my wiser inner voice said, “It’s your thoughts and the relationship you have with yourself.”

“Thoughts!?! The relationship I’m having with myself!?!” I was beyond frustrated. You see, I graduated with a degree where I spent most of my time studying psychology and sociology. And because I was on a quest to undo the conditioning, I spent almost another 15 years learning through countless books, articles, and classes that had to do with the brain, emotions, mindfulness, human behavior, inner transformation, and creating the kind of life we desire. However, knowing from your head and actually knowing from your heart about how to shift our mindset and have a kind relationship with yourself are two different things. Adrenal Fatigue was one of the biggest gifts I’ve ever received because it helped me integrate and put all this knowing into real life practice. I now had an opportunity to experience how unconscious thoughts lead our every action, how to really practice self care and love, and how this manifests into the life we are currently living.


These subconscious thoughts had lead me to take actions that brought me to a state of exhaustion and depletion. I began to observe the subconscious thoughts in the background of my mind and saw how it ran my day to day life. I witnessed how unkind it was and finally realized how I had created this reality I was currently living. So, I started changing the relationship I had with myself and my mind by observing, questioning, and transforming my beliefs.

I began to practice mindfulness, made self care a priority, learned how to sit compassionately with my emotions, started doing things that brought more joy and pleasure to my body, started setting clearer boundaries in relationships, and used tools to really transform my thinking. It has and continues to transform every part of my entire life.

With a new mindset, the possibilities of what I could do and create in my life felt much bigger. I took one of the bravest steps I’ve ever done by creating the first ever Kind Fest in Washington state. It has brought together local businesses, organizations, artisans, and leaders of our community who are leading us into a more loving and kind way of living. Along with the support of our community, I’m proud to say we will be hosting our 3rd festival August of 2020. Without the transformation I went through, I could not have had the courage nor tools to support me in manifesting a festival that has been a gift to our entire community.

I’ve always been able to see the gifts and possibilities in others, even when they couldn’t see it themselves. I’m known for being curious, digging and having deep conversations with people that often leave them with a sense of hope and possibility. So it only became natural that I go on to get certified as a Life Coach so that I could powerfully support others in working on the relationship they have with themselves and their mind. I want people to see that the circumstances in their life are not holding them back from creating the life they desire, the relationship they have with themselves and the way they are thinking is! There are unlimited possibilities that lie before them if only they can shift their mindset. I am totally honored and excited to support and hold space for others on their personal journey of self discovery and personal transformation.


As a human being, I struggle with the same things you do. I’m often working with my own personal coach, I coach myself, and I do all the work to improve the relationship I have with my mind and body. I have learned to better listen to my intuition, to bring more awareness to the inner dialogue in my mind, to love the negative and positive aspects of myself, to compassionately support my strong emotions, to heal myself from the inside out, and to take responsibility and get excited about creating my reality.

When I’m not doing the work I love, you might find me cooking colorful whole foods in the kitchen, doing art with my daughters 11 and 9, taking an early morning walk, working out or doing yoga at the gym, exploring the outdoors with people I love, sitting in a coffee shop with a friend, dancing to Salsa music in Seattle, or reading a good book with a delicious cup of tea in hand.

My belief is that if more of us can shift the relationship with ourselves and transform our mindset, we will see the unlimited possibilities and start creating the amazing life we truly desire! When that happens, our world will change for the better. You, your desires, and your life matters and affects all those around you. I hope to help you see that the world is your playground! And I hope that together, we can create a kinder world.

With love and kindness,