There is no greater journey than the one you take to discover all the mysteries that lie within you. ~ Michelle Sandlin

My Philosophy


You are a strong, not-broken, and wise adult. Often times we walk around the world believing we are broken and I’m here to reflect to you what’s actually true. As a coach, I help support you in reclaiming your own inner strength, power, compassion, wisdom, and permissions that you’ve had all along.

I bring non-judgement, kindness, and compassionate communication into our sessions.   I practice active listening and reflect what I heard with compassionate language.  I take guesses at identifying and giving name to your feelings and needs in a way that helps you feel seen, heard, and understood.

I am an empath and intuitive and use it to help support our conversations. Intuition and empathic sensations shows up in my physical body in which I know we have touched on something very important.  I may follow up these sensations with deepening questions or by asking for permission to share an insight.


You are responsible for what happens inside and outside of our conversations. I will create a safe space for you to feel heard, open, and supported in our conversation. I will also use our time together to be curious with deepening questions, reflections, and maybe even challenge your stories in a loving way. You are responsible for your life and what you choose to do with what we uncover during our session and outside of our session. This is your work.

I am human and also do the work. Sometimes, I will share pieces of my own experiences if I think they relate to our conversation. I will not take up our sessions with lots of my personal stories out of respect for your time.  However this does not mean I have it all figured out. I am always working on my stuff with mentors, coaches, and personal reflection and introspective tools just like you.