You find peace not be rearranging the circumstances of your life but by realizing who you are at the deepest level. ~ Eckhart Tolle


Life coaching may be right if you resonate with any of these:

  1. You have this underlying feeling of “Nothing I do is good enough.”

  2. You’re trapped by feelings of insecurities, self doubt, judgement, criticism, and/or perfectionism.

  3. You feel stuck in making a decision in your career, relationship, or home life and keep spinning in your mind trying to get clarity.

  4. You want to show up and do big things in the world but something is holding you back from moving forward and you don’t know what or how to get past it.

  5. You spend your time worrying about what others think and believe they are going to judge you often not doing the things you really want to do.

  6. You often find yourself exhausted, overwhelmed, and unhappy.

  7. You feel like you’re doing everything in your life for everybody else and don’t know how or where to fit in time for yourself.

  8. You feel like you’ve lost who you really are and struggle to find happiness in your current situation, maybe questioning, “Is this it?”

  9. You judge yourself for having negative feeling emotions like sadness, anger, irritability, insecurity, worry, confusion, resentment, boredom, and/or fear.

  10. You have a sense of feeling lost in your life.

  11. You don’t know what it looks like or feels like to truly love yourself.

  12. You want to change the world but question whether or not you’re worthy or enough for the kind of work you want to do in the world.


  1. Life Coaching is a designed alliance between coach and client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you, the client. We believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside. We help you access your own power and answers.

  2. It can help you connect your head and heart in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into actions for your life.

  3. It includes observing, deep listening, asking empowering questions, challenging your beliefs, somatic meditations, and compassionate communication.

  4. It will help peel back the layers of what you believe about yourself and get to the core of who you truly are.

  5. It helps you focus, provides you direction, challenges, supports, and celebrates your achievements.

  6. It helps you play in the land of potential and possibility.

  7. I am not attached to those beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you playing small. Coaching will help you understand where those beliefs came from, how they are serving you, and help you transform them into something more empowering.

  8. It can help you see the light in the darkness you are feeling.

  9. We’re trained in the psychology and function of brain and help you develop a different relationship with your mind.

  10. It will help you question your reality and recreate one that is more supportive of the life you truly desire.

  11. Powerful coaching can change you to feel more centered, true to yourself, connected, braver, empowered, lighter, hopeful, and overall happier.

Let’s hop on a call! During your discovery call, I listen with non-judgement and empathy to your current situation, where you are at, and where you would like to be. I don’t offer to work with everybody so I carefully listen so that I can honestly tell you if I think I am the right person for you or not. Regardless of whether we work together I help you see what might be keeping you stuck or holding you back so that you can work on it on your own, with me, or with another person I refer you out to.